Solid State Lasers

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Solid State Lasers

Double-Pulse Ruby-Laser

Double-Pulse Ruby-Laser: a special solid state laser using a ruby rod based design. Two laser heads operate to produce a double laser pulse output with specified pulse delay times (a prototype is shown in figure 33).

This laser was used to measure velocity gradients user laser strophometry methods in fluids of very high viscosity.

Some technical data topics:

  • Emitting Wavelength: 694 nm
  • Emitting Wavelength: 694 nm
  • Pulse energy, each Laserunit: 10-30 mJ
  • Pulse duration: 200 us
  • Double pulse time distance: minimal 0.5 ms
  • Peak Power: 100 W
  • Beam diameter behind mode filter: 1 mm
  • Polarization of the laser light: linear
Experimental Setup and Laser Design

Figure 33: Example of a prototype of a double-pulse solid-state ruby laser with high output energy in the mJ range [LASCA02].

Schematic overview for one laser unit
The double-pulse laser consists of two identical laser units, each consisting of a pump chamber containing the laser rod (ruby crystal), a light source (flash lamp), two mirrors, power and control electronics, and a beam delimiter for enhancement of mode selection, and finally a glass window exposed under the Brewster angle to provide polarized light.

Figure 34: Schematic of one laser unit [LASCA02].