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Publications Dr. Stefan Bosse


Dirk Spenneberg, Stefan Bosse, Jens Hilljegerdes, Andreas Strack, Heiko Zschenker,

Control of an Bio-Inspired Four-Legged Robot for Exploration of Uneven Terrain. (Proceeding)

Proc. of ASTRA 2006 Workshop, ESA-ESTEC. Noordwijk, NL, 2006., 2006.

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Stefan Bosse

VAMNET: the Functional Approach to Distributed Programming (Article)

SIGOPS Oper. Syst. Rev., 40, pp. 108-114, 2006, DOI:10.1145/1151374.1151376.

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Stefan Bosse

The VAMNET Book - The Virtual Amoeba Machine Environment, AMUNIX, and the VX-Amoeba System (Book)

BSSLAB, 2005.

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Stefan Patzelt, Stefan Bosse, Gert Goch

Laser optical surface characterization of complex optical elements in the nanometric range. (Proceeding)

Proc. of the 4th euspen International Topical Conference, Aachen, Germany, 19.-20.05.2003, S. 519-522., 2003, ISBN: 3926832304.

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Stefan Patzelt, Stefan Bosse, Gert Goch,

Surface characterization of optical elements based on monochromatic scattered light techniques. (Proceeding)

Proc. of the Sensor 2003 – 11th International Conference, SENSOR Proceedings, B8.3, Nürnberg 2003, S. 305-310., 2003.

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Stefan Bosse

An experimental Laser light-scattering method for measuring velocity gradients in non-newtonian fluids with high viscosity (PhD Thesis)

University of Bremen, 2002.

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Stefan Bosse, Wilfried Staude,

Measurement of rotation and distortion of opaque surfaces by laser light scattering (Article)

Meas. Sci. Technol., 11, pp. 1557-1564, 2000.

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Stefan Bosse

Measurement of Rotation and Distortion of Rough Solidstate Surfaces using coherent light Scattering (Mastersthesis)


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