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Overview Research Areas

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Multi-Agent Systems, Programming Languages, Processing Platforms
  • Digital Logic Circuit and System Design
  • Digital Logic Circuit Synthesis on RTL- and gate-level
  • High-Level Digital Logic Synthesis and Automation: from programming level to Register-Transfer and gate-level (RTL/GTL)
  • Sensor Networks 
  • Distributed Data Processing and Communication in Sensor Networks
  • Usage and application of Artificial Intelligence algorithms for distributed data processing and energy management, with respect to the mapping of AI algorithms to microchips and distributed microchip systems
  • Parallel and Distributed Computing and Operating Systems
  • Scientific and Data Processing Software
  • Laser Diode Driver
  • Photodiode Signal Processing
  • Laser Distance Measuring Techniques
  • Optical Surface Measuring Techniques
  • Optical Systems and Components
  • Solid State Laser Design
  • Numerical Simulation

Research is interdisciplinary and covers physics, computer and engineering sciences. Both fundamental and applied topics are explored.

New research fields focus on the circuit design automation (synthesis) and applied digital circuit design.