Distance Measuring Techniques

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Laser Distance Measuring Techniques

Research and development in the area of laser based measuring techniques and systems for accurate and long range distance measurements using the time-of-flight technology, for example implemented in spatial 3-D laser scanners.

Time-Of-Flight Techniques

Development of methods and instruments for object distance measurement using light traveling time processing, called Time-Of-Flight method, with single shot features. This method is used for example in 3D-Laserscanner technology. The results and accuracy of this measuring method depends strongly on light detector and light emitter technology. Therefore, one main part of research is done in the area of photodiode light detectors and laserdiode light emitters.

Figure 1: Measuring setup for the accurate measurement of distances using short light pulses and measuring the sum of time of flight of the forward travel to an object under test and the backward travel of the scattered light.