Laser Systems

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Laser Design

There are research and development activities in the area of solid-state laser technologies satisfying requirements in special optical applications and systems.

  • Development and design of pulsed lasers using special pulse laser diodes. Technical data:
    • Spectral wavelength: 905 nm
    • Peak power: 100mW-100W
    • Pulse duration: 2ns – 50ns
  • Development and design of customized solid-state lasers with optical laser pumping technologies.
  • Double-Pulse Ruby-Laser: a special solid state laser using a ruby rod based design. Two laser heads operate to produce a double laser pulse output with specified pulse delay times (a prototype is shown in Fig. 1). Some technical data topics:
    • Emitting Wavelength: 694 nm
    • Emitting Wavelength: 694 nm
    • Pulse energy, each laser unit: 10-30 mJ
    • Pulse duration: 200 μs
    • Double pulse time distance: minimal 0.5 ms
    • Peak Power: 100 W
    • Beam diameter behind mode filter: 1 mm
    • Polarisation of the laser light: linear

Fig. 1: Example of a prototype of a double-pulse solid-state ruby laser with high output energy in the mJ range [LASCA02].