Scientific Software

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Scientific Software

Software environments and tools used for processing and visualization of scientific data sets. One major project in this area is PsiLAB.

PsiLAB has been developed for scientific research and data analysis. It is freely distributed in source code format under Gnu Public License, version 2. PsiLAB is written mainly in the functional language O’CaML developed at INRIA research laboratories. It’s mainly made of three parts:

  1. An interpreter, of course O’CaML itself
  2. libraries written in O’CaML,
  3. external libraries written in Fortran and C.

Main features of PsiLAB are:

  • All O’CaML functions and data types are supported,
  • support for different data types: float, int, complex
  • extensive matrix package
  • 2D and 3D plot package with graphical or postscript output
  • various generic and special mathematical functions
  • linear algebra package (solving of linear equation systems and linear least square problems)
  • Linear Regression
  • non linear least square fit routines
  • Fast Fourier Transformations
  • some image processing functions
  • online help system, easily extensible by user functions